Wiki Danser is used to living her life free and without a care.
With her long-time lover, Sara, beside her, she decides to leave the safety of her hometown in South America and venture to the US. As she drives across the country, two storms hit. One in the form of heartache and one in the form of fierce winds and a raging snow. Forced to stop in small town Dent, Michigan to wait the storm out, Wiki has no clue of the third storm that’s brewing.
Jame Spiral is having a normal day at work… Until bullets start flying his way.
Hiding out in the local Quickee Mart seems to be the only way to stay safe from the storm building outside and the maniac that’s currently killing people. It’s there he meets Wiki. In his desperate need to make it across town, Jame and Wiki battle the winds and snow of the storm and the wrath of the shooter.
A jealous raging madman is on the loose, setting targets and taking them out all over town. People drop like flies and no one knows who’s next. The town’s power is cut, leaving it in darkness and blocking them off from the outside world. No help is to be had as the storm continues to not only tear apart the town, but also enables a psychopath to wreak havoc on the town’s folks.
Who will survive once the winds die down and as the snow melts the bloodbath that’s drenched the town?


(Bison - future)

Where's Karen?

Available: February 8th, 2017

Cameraman Pierce Danser has not seen his best friend and famous actor, Ryan Dot, in several weeks. When movie executives order Pierce to find the missing actor, he has no choice but to begin his fourth game of dot to Dot. Unfortunately this time, he may be in way over his head.

Pierce has no idea if Dot has disappeared voluntarily or if he has been kidnapped. Assisted by an assortment of odd characters, Pierce follows a trail of clues that lead him from Hollywood to the wheat farms of Michigan as the misplaced cinematographer searches for his often beguiling and quixotic best friend. Amid a series of miscues and misadventures, murder and mayhem, and laughter and discovery, Pierce soon realizes that his quest to find Dot is becoming more arduous than he ever imagined.

 In this colorful and adventuresome mystery, a movie cameraman embarks on a search for his famous best friend where he must trust his instincts to find the answers and, more importantly, the truth.


(2000 - out of print)

BB Danser: A Memoir

(Bison - future)

Stories from the U.S.F. and being a Dad years. A few of the stories drag a Danser or two onto the stage.

In a snowbound abandoned development high in the mountains, B.B. Danser pursues lust, but finds love. (This book is written in monochrome).

Off the coast of a South American resort, Bill Danser quietly surrenders to the mindless chaos created by too much Tanqueray. As he sits alone on a small boat and burns everything he has written, he toasts to the future; his decision is made. A short time later, from inside an airplane, Bill watches the buildings of la Diana slowly fade away, along with his past.

    Determined to find sobriety, purpose, and love in America, Danser lands in San Francisco and embarks on a road trip across the country in an old Jeep with oversized tires. While striving to maintain his idyllic, simple view of living and loving, Danser travels from Half Moon Bay to a wheat farm in Kansas, where he encounters curious characters and discovers true love with a beautiful woman and her amazing son. As his journey leads him to places he never imagined, Danser is challenged to find meaning, humor, and passion amid the reality that the world that the world is never an easy place. But it is only after tragedy strikes and his life comes full circle that Danser may finally have the chance to realize his dreams.

Danser is the poignant tale of one man's misadventures as he travels from South America to America's heartland in search of sanity, love, meaning and laughter.

BB's got a problem. The Danser patriarch is in flight - from reality, while trying to save the lives of his sons, Jared and Pierce.

Cream of the Wheat 

(1988 - @nd Edition in 2017!)

Ten year old Kazu is living an idyllic life in South America, a life shadowed by the evil Will Power, who is about to kidnap the boy. When Kazu and his parents start a trip to the United States, Will Power makes his grasp. He misses and Kazu, now alone in North America, starts out on a perilous journey to get to his parents. Not knowing who to trust, but cleaver and resourceful, Kazu crosses the country, catching a ride with a couple that at first seem helpful, but have dark designs. The story climaxes when the forces of evil confront the boy and his family at a wheat farm in Kansas. Lies and deceit, violence and revenge mark the actions of in this engaging, sometimes even humorous tale of cruelty and good, madness and redemption.


This is Brian B. Danser’s version of Cream of the Wheat, as penned from his swimming pool with a view of Hillcrest cemetery.


(1984 - out of print)

Welcome the the Dansers front room.

Wiki, Sara and their daughter, Cry Baby, have moved, temporarily, to the town of Dent – their house located beside a graveyard and their violently bad neighbor, who they quickly nickname Mrs. Creep.

Songs Without Dansers:

a collection 

(1991- 1994 - not yet published)

The Danser Novels

Pierce - Two (working title)

‘Country jazz’ violinist Karen Danser is on tour, being stalked by a madman who wants to capture her and air brush her entire body (No, no, really).

Greg Jolley

The first novel to pull most of the Danser family out on stage.

Pierce Danser is on the hunt again, this time for the missing actress Pauline Place, who has been taken by a madman with his unique views of collecting; naming being found of the famous and his skills with taxidermy.

Young Tim Danser experiences love, death, madness and rebirth of spirit.

Greenland, California

(1990 - not yet published)